Newton Weekly Updates — 30 April 2018

Theoretical basis development

This week, Newton founder Jizhe Xu applied his new community construction philosophy to practice, and took charge of Newton international community operation. Based on the understanding of community development situation, Mr, Xu had teleconference with some Newton fans and gained insights on their understanding and motivation on joining Newton, which verified the positive impact of new philosophy of “spontaneity, naturalness, consciousness” to Newton community. 

Technical Dynamics

1. The main development of Newton membership system has completed. The membership registration process was optimized and entered into the integrating testing phase.

2.The official website's mobile experience was optimized, including: UI design, interactive experience, column design, and logical relationship grooming.

3. NewChain's encryption algorithm was confirmed. Hardware compatibility of this algorithm was verified. This technology can be utilized in NewIOT, hardware wallets and other fields.

Team dynamics

1. Newton Foundation Beijing office is set up in Sanlitun SoHo

This week, the Newton Foundation Beijing office was set up in Sanlitun SOHO, which location is adjacent to many countries’ embassies such as Australia, France, and Germany, and many UN agencies. Sanlitun SOHO is the most internationalized and leading fashion landmark area in Beijing. The Newton Foundation Beijing office area will help the international development and operation of the Newton project.

2. Newton developer community building

This week, Wei Fu, an Internet protocol expert and Red Hat software engineer, joined the Newton developer community. The construction of Newton developer community is steadily growing and we sincerely welcome more developers to join Newton.

Community dynamics

This week, Newton founder Jizhe Xu had in-depth communications with community users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and South Korea. The Newton international community is steadily growing. The number of international community on Telegram has increased to 1600 this week, and more and more international volunteers joined Newton.

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