Newton Offline Meet-up - Shijiazhuang Station Successfully concluded

On the afternoon of June 16, 2018, Newton Shijiazhuang community held the Newton offline meet-up at the Yue Tai Hotel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, China. This event was initiated and organized by the Newton community member“Bit Headline Team” . Over 100 Newton community members from all walks of life attended this salon.

This salon was well organized and arranged properly. The camera, live broadcast and other tools were prepared to provide convenience for community members who could not be present and feel the atmosphere of the scene. The wonderful speech of guests and the host's witty remarks won applause from the audience. The organizers also prepared souvenirs with Newton LOGO as gifts for these audiences. A total of 27 audiences luckily won these souvenirs.
Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li and Newton marketing expert Mr. Yu Zhang delivered excellent keynote speeches and answered questions from community members.

Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li (third from the left) and marketing expert Mr. Yu Zhang( forth from the left) with the salon organizer 

Newton Offline Meet-up, Shijiazhuang Station, group photo of Newton Shijiazhuang community members

Newton Offline Meet-up, Shijiazhuang Station, Co-founder Shubin Li is giving a speech

Newton co-founder and OK buy CEO Mr. Shubin Li delivered a keynote speech: What changes could Newton bring to modern business?

Mr. Shubin Li’s speech started from sharing his own experience from rejecting to embracing the blockchain industry, which has triggered the resonance of most audience, especially the friends who just get into the blockchain industry.

Mr. Li Shubin then introduced the development cycle of the e-commerce industry. He said that in this industry, there has been a major event every four years since 1995. From the establishment of Amazon in 1995, then it comes to the establishment of Alibaba and Taobao, followed by the establishment of Jingdong, OKbuy, and the creation of a double eleventh consumer effect, all big events followed this four-year cycle.

By the end of 2018 and early 2019, the Newton project will be successfully launched to lead the trend of the e-commerce in blockchain industry, and it may also be the landmark event of this four-year development cycle.
Mr. Li Shubin finally analyzed the differences between Newton and traditional business in terms of logic, mode, and other aspects, and described how each person will benefit from the Newton ecology system through blockchain technology.

Newton co-founder and OK buy CEO Mr. Shubin Li

The Newton marketing expert and the founder of Wuzhou Online Mr. Yu Zhang introduced the background information of the Newton core team members and their profound experience in blockchain industry and their speciality in their respective fields. Specifically, Mr. Yu Zhang introduced the background and entrepreneurial journeys of Newton founder Mr. Jizhe Xu, including his working experience in Neusoft, Sina, OK, starting his own business, and engaging in Elastos, as well as Mr. Jizhe Xu’s close relationship with the world’s leading technology community and the story of creating free open source software community, Zeuux community.

Mr. Jizhe Xu established the Zeuux Community in December 2006. It is a leading free software community in China and is dedicated to the development of Zeuux systems and the popularization of free software technologies and ideas. Zeuux community constantly absorbs excellent free software enthusiasts to become members and forms a Zeuux team. At that time, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Guangnan Ni, the founder & chairman of the Free Software Foundation and the academician of the American Academy of Engineering Mr. Richard, and many well-known figures in the industry such as Sina CTO Mr. Songbo Li are all the advisors of the Zeuux community.

Mr. Yu Zhang also introduced the Newton core technical team members. As for Mr. Jizhe Xu, he has very sound technical background. He was engaged in the development of Linux kernel in the early years and he has been at the forefront of computer internet technology. Therefore, Mr. Xu Jizhe has always maintained advantages in technology. Other members of the technical team also have rich practical experience, and even a lot of blockchain projects have come up for help. Mr. Yu Zhang emphasized that the Newton technical work are steadily progressing as planned and shown on Newton's official website.

At last, Mr. Yu Zhang introduced other Newton core team members. They are all the top talents from various fields including technology, domestic and foreign commerce, blockchain industry, and research institutes. Newton provides a great stage enabling everyone to maximize their advantages and exert expertise so that to realize Newton’s mission and vision. 

The Newton marketing expert and the founder of Wuzhou Online Mr. Yu Zhang

Audience interaction session

Audience interaction session

Audience interaction session

In the Q&A audience interaction session, speakers answered Newton community members’ questions such as how merchants enter NewMall and how customers purchase goods on NewMall, and how Newton guarantee the user owns their data. The detailed questions indicate that the Newton community members’ understanding on Newton and the blockchain industry are becoming more clear.

In the final lucky draw, the Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li and Mr. Yu Zhang jointly selected 27 lucky audiences.

Lucky Draw Session, Newton Co-founder Team Mr. Shubin Li, Marketing Expert Mr. Yu Zhang and lucky audiences

Many Newton fans made a special trip to this event. Newton thank the community for your support and participation.

Through this salon, Newton community members have gained a deeper understanding of the background, positioning, and progress of the Newton project. Thanks to the organizers and the community for your efforts.

Newton: Infrastructure for the protocol-based economy

The protocol-based economic infrastructure Newton is committed to building new organizational forms and collaborative relationships, and reshaping business rules through blockchain. Newton firmly believes that “everyone should directly benefit from economic growth” and Newton will practice “the user is the holder of their data”. Newton Users will be rewarded by the value created through their own data in a pre-agreed manner.