"Newton Global 100-City Tour - Shenzhen Station" meet-up successfully concluded

Hosted by Newton Community member WEMERGE Community, Liandong Media, World Blockchain Foundation, Quark Community, Dada Community, DAPPX Community, 2 Community, RL Community, and Crypto Valley Blockchain Association, "Newton Global 100 City Tour - Shenzhen Station" meet-up ended successfully on the afternoon of August 18. About 200 community friends arrived at the meet-up, and Newton founder Xu Jizhe delivered a speech.

From the perspective of what is bitcoin and what is the blockchain, Mr. Xu Jizhe elaborated that the essence of the blockchain is to build a community economy, and the open community economy organizational structure will replace the traditional company system. In the future, the companies should regard the community economy as the capital of company and share the profits with the community members. This is a self-interested behavior, involving the interaction between the community and the company. Sharing profits is beneficial to the community members to fully exert their subjective initiative, which will make contribute to the virtuous circle of the whole system.

2018 will be a turning point of blockchain technology, and it will be the first year of blockchain commercialization. Almost all of our blockchain projects now have no business economic model and no application. I believe that by the end of 2019, all blockchain projects will be asked to answer a question: why should we use this token? At present, the blockchain technology has become increasingly mature. We should not only care about the blockchain technology issues, but also pay more attention to the business model of the project, such as where the users are, how to make profits, and how to mounting. As a blockchain project with practical application scenarios and solving the pain points of traditional industries, the value of the Newton project is not in the replacement of BTC, but in the future growth of NEW.

Newton has a clear positioning, a business-oriented protocol. Every industry has its own unique characteristics, take E-commerce for example, it has procurement, warehousing, operations, customer service, logistics, financial reconciliation and other professional links, as well as its own unique social needs. Newton will optimize the technology for commercial applications. At present, people defines the Newton project as a blockchain e-commerce project, but it is not so precise. For Newton, the chain business is the first important business scenario, but it is only a part of the Newton business ecosystem. In the future, Newton will create more various types of business scenarios, and these business scenarios will also contribute to the growth of NEW.

Mr. JR, the founder of WEMERGE Community, shared the experience of his transition from the traditional Internet industry to the blockchain industry, and he said that the Newton project appealed to him irresistibly. As a deep participant in the Newton project, the WEMERGE community has been committed to promoting Newton with its all-out efforts, pushing Newton to achieve the goal of “everyone should benefit directly from economic growth”.

JR, the co-founder of WEMERGE Community in China, shared the core values of WEMERGE Community at the conference. WEMERGE Community is a community economic ecology that focuses on blockchain investment. It consists of four parts: fund, accelerator, community, and mining. WEMERGE Community participates in the Newton project, not only because Newton can bring in benefits, but also because the concept of Newton and WEMERGE Community have the same idea: everyone should benefit from economic growth. WEMERGE Community hopes to lead its community members to benefit in the blockchain through its strong resource system and professional investment vision.

The founders and directors of Liandong Media, World Blockchain Foundation, Quark Community, DADA Community, DAPPX Community, 2 Community, RL Community, and Crypto Valley Blockchain Association also shared their own views and insights about the blockchain and the Newton project.

The successful ending of "Newton Global 100 City Tour - Shenzhen Station" meet-up is inseparable from the support of the our co-organized communities. This event also enabled Newton to reach a consensus strategic cooperation intention with our co-organized communities.