Announcement: NEW Not Exchanged in the 3rd Token Exchange Have Been Destroyed

The total quantity of NEW used for the 3rd exchange in the Newton token exchange plan is 1.5 billion. The quantity not exchanged is 1,176,338,738.54.

Based on a previous announcement, NEW not exchanged in the 3rd round are to be transferred to a black hole address for destruction, never to enter circulation. At UTC 12:03:08 and 12:05:20, February 18, 2019, 1,176,338,738.54 NEW were transferred to NEW182E111111111111111111111111114FhDeS in two batches – which can be viewed at This black hole address has no corresponding key, mnemonic password, or Keystore.

After the destruction, the total quantity of NEW exchanged in the 2nd and 3rd rounds was reduced from 7.5 billion to 6,323,661,261.46. The total supply of NEW in actual circulation was reduced from 100 billion to 98,823,661,261.46.

In the future, all benefits in the Newton ecosystem will revolve around the node mechanism of the human-machine community. Newton upholds the principle of “community first” and continues to create value for the community.