Newton Weekly | 2019.04.08-2019.04.14

 Technical Progress


1. NewMall was launched on TestNet. Users can now simulate the entire shopping experience.

2. Integration completed with two new suppliers.


1. Mining chart display optimized

2. Data and time display errors fixed in mining

3. Display error in community governance fixed

4. Adaptation completed for small screens

5.Image link to NewMall added

6. Card animation added to Android version

7. NewPay-1.1.1 submitted for store review

8. Red envelope function design and technical schematics completed for NewPay-1.2


1. Display error fixed in NewForceAPI node locking history

2. Some compilation issues fixed in NewCommander

3. NewChain V1.8.26 released on TestNet

 Team News

1. On April 13, Newton founder Xu Jizhe was interviewed on “Tomorrow’s New Forces” systematically describing the Newton Project. The main content of the program is “dialog with emerging forces, witnessing the rise of the industry.”

2. On April 12, Xu was jointly interviewed by various media. He asserted that RMB 500 million of fiat currency may be injected into the Newton economy each year. He aims for the fiat used annually to repurchase NEW to exceed the repurchase funds for Platform Tokens on the three major exchanges.

3. On April 11, Xu, co-founder Li Shubin, cornerstone investor and Executive of China National Industry and Commerce Union Hu Dinghe, and cornerstone investor and HiChina founder Zhang Xiangdong joined the 9th Jinse Relativity Forum and spoke about how the “chain commerce” introduced by Newton is redefining the E-commerce economy. Xu said that NewMall itself is positioned as a trade platform based on blockchain. Li stated that NewMall’s traffic generation methods, using Newton’s incentive mechanism, are completely different from those of traditional social E-commerce. Hu argued that Newton is the first project to combine blockchain with traditional society. Zhang said that the project hopes to use blockchain to change E-commerce, reducing platform friction and consumption by sacrificing Platform’s profits, for the benefit of both consumers and merchants. This advanced concept can fuse the blockchain concept with governance and E-commerce, forming both new possibilities and challenges.

4. On April 9, Xu was interviewed online by the Chief Editor of Mars Finance. He said that NewMall by nature stores personal purchase data on NewChain, turning it into a digital asset, allowing individuals to earn NewForce to get NEW incentives.

5. On April 12, Li, Hu, cornerstone investor and co-founder of Lightinthebox Jiu Jun, and cornerstone investor and founder of Kela Guo Feng jointly participated in Chainnode’s TokenGazer column and compared NewMall, Newton’s first application, with the traditional retail industry.

6. On April 12, Liu was featured in the 14th edition of Honeycomb Finance “Honeycomb Voice.” He explained his participation in Newton, what NewMall can change, and why Huobi Prime chose the project.

7. On April 13, Advisor Theodore Gray and Huibi Marketing Manager Ross Zhang held an online AMA, introducing the project his progress in promoting it.

8. On April 13, Mitch Altman, known as “father of the  modern maker movement,” joined Newton as an Advisor. Altman, a well-known hacker and inventor, a pioneer in virtual reality, and an early promoter of hackerspaces, founded Cornfield Electronics. As early as the 1980’s, he served VPL labs and led the invention of virtual reality. In 2004, he invented the one-touch universal remote TV-B-Gone, and he later invented the “Brain Machine,” synchronizing people’s brain waves with light pulses and sound, hypnotizing people into an alternate state of mind. Altman will help Newton improve technologies like NewIoT, enrich its product line, and expand its international influence.

 Community News

1. As of this week, there were 28 Newton community nodes. WANQINEW remained in first place with 387 votes, while BE-NEW and IMXCLUB ranked 2nd and 3rd, with 162 and 92 votes, respectively. The total number of votes and locked NEW continued to rise.

2. On April 14, the official Newton Huobi Chat group held an uninterrupted 12-hour event. Founder Xu systematically explained the project, including its past and present. The group is managed by the NewShine node, and currently has 60,000 members. At the same time, the NewShine team earned tokens through the Newton incentive mechanism – a practical example of the community economy.

3. On April 13, the Wemerge node held an offline exchange in Shenzhen, introducing the project, its incentive mechanism, and its social benefits to newcomers.

4. On April 10, the Newton wallet NewPay reached an installed base of over 100,000. NewPay was officially released on December 18, 2018, and upgraded to V1.0 on March 15, 2019. This version natively includes NewID, supporting joint DApp login. NewPay is the first digital wallet with chain governance functions. NewID connects all DApps, converting user data into chain digital assets through NewPay.

 In the Media

1. CryptoNewsZ, Tôi Yêu Bitcoin, the Korea IT Times, Chepicap,, PR Newswire, MarketScreener,, and Mars Finance introduced and analyzed Newton’s launch on the second phase of Huobi Prime.

2. PANews released an article Unlocking the 2nd Phase of Huobi Prime: What’s Newton’s “Apple?” The explains simply, by means of examples, that data on NewMall belongs to the individual, not the platform, and earn the owner economic benefits. See

3. Huobi Finance released an article titled An Inventory of the Top 100 Coin Projects. Newton ranked among the Top 20 on applications.  The article emphasized that Newchain, NewPay, NewID, and the Newton browser have all been launched already. Only 70-80% of the top 100 projects by market value have gotten this far. Only 20% of projects are running mature DApps on their main networks, and almost none have yet created commercial value at scale.

4. released an article entitled What Does Blockchain + Community Economy Look Like? Look at Newton’s NewMall. It explains that NewMall chain commerce is a great innovation over traditional commerce, creating an economy where everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

5. Nearly 100 media, including, Shilian, Honeycomb Finance, Lieyun Finance, BoLian Financial, and Mars Finance reported on the Newton Project this week.


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