NewMall 1.0 will be officially released next week

Dear Newton community members:

on April 24, 2019, Singapore time, NewMall 1.0 will officially release.

NewMall is an online retailer mall based on blockchain technology. Consumers data on NewMall will be permanently saved on the blockchain and authorized to users by blockchain technology. Users consuming behavior will win NewForce, which can be change to NEW according to incentive mechanisms. For merchants, the platform cost is reduced by half compared to traditional e-commerce platforms.

The shopping process is as follows:

1. Download and install NewMall via the link

2. Open NewMall, click on "User" and log in to NewMall via NewPay. NewMall will not be available without creating NewID or logging in to NewPay.

3. Browse the product and add your favorite items to the shopping cart.

4. Open the shopping cart, select the items you want to purchase, clickGo to Settlement, fill in or confirm the receiver information, and submit the order.

5. After payment, follow the prompts to upload your consumption data to the blockchain to  receive NewForce as a contribution reward.

6. For those orders hasnt been uploaded, users can open them and follow the prompts to upload to the blockchain and get NewForce reward anytime.

At present, NewMall supports Alipay or WeChat payment, and users can choose the payment method at will. The product categories on NewMall will be gradually enriched to meet the daily shopping needs of users. The launch of NewMall marks the official landing of the commercial application of the Newton project, establishing the community economy which “everyone contributes and everyone benefits”, turning the vision of “everyone should benefit from economic growth” into reality. It will also be the first time that blockchain technology has served the real economy on a large scale.

The first version of NewMall only supports Chinese. In the future, NewMall will support more languages and serve a wider global population.


Newton Team

April 19, 2019