Newton Weekly | 2019.04.15-2019.04.21

 Technical Progress


1. Fixed forced termination and adaptation issues

2. Combined merchants to put products online

3. Submitted to App Store for review


1. Smart contract development completed for red packet function

2. Interface definitions and implementation completed for red packet function

3. UI design and development completed for red packet function

4. NewCash information retrieval and display based on NFC completed

5. Crashes related to language keyboards for some European languages fixed

6. Problem related to node selection crashes and name duplication fixed


1. NewForce API is now compatible with NewChain v1.8.26

2. NewForce API has optimized big data processing to further improve the speed of NewMall order chain upload.


Product UE design completed for NewPoA V0.1


1. Newton video list added

2. The names of exchange listed NEW added

 Team News

1. On April 19, Newton founder Xu Jizhe, co-founder Li Shubin and cornerstone investor/ Kela founder Guo Feng participated in the 13th event in a style of  online interview with the Mars Finance Editor-in-Chief, discussed with readers on “How NewMall will Create a New Era of Chain Commerce.”

Xu said that NewMall, the first chain commerce DApp, will be released on April 24. Unlike Alibaba for instance, NewMall targets people on blockchain which will become increasingly large over the next 30 years, and will generate a multitude of new business models.

Li said that NewMall aims to alter the value distribution from on a new level, and to attract like-minded users. Attracting such users is an important start.

Guo said that NewMall  has scalability and potentials  that numerous traditional E-commerce platforms do not have, giving it cross-dimensional attack strength.

2. On the evening of the 16th, NEW was added to Huobi Prime. Xu, Li, and Guo were interviewed on the “Talk on Currency at Yellow River” live broadcast, discussing the launch on Huobi Prime, and the benefits of the project for society. A total of 1.216 million viewers watched the show – a new record for the program.

3. On April 15, Xu was interviewed on ChainDD, Alpaca Blockchain, and the Taiwan Blockchain Meetup, explaining the project’s core value proposition.

4. On April 15, Newton Advisor and Wolfram Research co-founder Theodore Gray was welcomed by the Thai blockchain community, introducing the project to an audience of nearly 20,000.

5. On April 20, Li and Guo were interviewed for a live broadcast on Li introduced the SKUs currently on NewMall, the standard merchant entry process, and NewMall’s subsequent plans. Its new version will not require installation of NewPay, reducing the threshold for use.

Guo spoke of his own experiences working with the Newton Project compared with traditional E-commerce, the multidimensional advantages of “chain commerce,” and Newton’s advantages in Customer Acquisition cost and user loyalty.

 Community News

As of this weekend, there were 29 Newton community node candidates. WANQINEW ranked first with 443 votes, while BE-NEW and BITETT ranked 2nd and 3rd with 161 and 80 respectively.

 In the Media

1. 31QU published an article titled “Newton’s Xu Jizhe: Can the Community Economy Bring New Vitality to Blockchain?” The article introduced the logic of linking blockchain with the community economy.

2. 8BTC published an article titled, “How Will Huobi Prime’s 2nd Phase Project Newton Disrupt Traditional E-commerce?” The article explained the nature of NewMall and its plans.

3. Media including Mars Finance and Beenews published articles including “Newton Lifts Off Tonight at 8 PM on Huobi Prime,” covering the launch of NEW on Huobi Prime.

4. and Mars Finance published an article titled, “NewMall: The First Application of the Community Economy Based on Blockchain.” NewMall will be officially released on April 24. Community members will be able to earn NEW through purchases.

5. Media including Daily News and Lianxiang Finance published an article entitled “Newton’s NewMall Comes Online : Chain Commerce as a Beachhead Blockchain Application,” introducing NewMall from the perspective of service to daily life.

6. Almost 100 media including Searchain, Shilian, Honeycomb Finance, Lieyun, Qianba, and Odaily continued reporting on the project this week.


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