NewMall 1.1 has launched

Dear Users:

NewMall 1.1 has now launched (Download and install from, with the following new features:

1. Users without NewPay can still register and log into NewMall simply using a mobile number.

2. NewMall users registered from a mobile number can still earn NewForce from shopping. To get the corresponding NEW, they need to install NewPay and link the NewID of that account.

3. Store follow and product favorites functions added; favorites list added to personal center.

4. Merchant introduction page for joining NewMall added to personal center.

5. Merchant contact number added to shop introduction page, so that users can connect with merchant  directly.

6. Order message function added.

7. UI details adjusted and other details optimized.

With the release of V1.1, NewMall has entered a new stage in its development, making it easier for more users to join and use. In the future, a WeChat mini-program of NewMall will also be launched for serving more people.


Newton Team

May 10th, 2019