Newton Weekly | 2019.05.06-2019.05.12

 Technical Progress


1. NewMall 1.1 launched. People who are not NewPay users can register, login simply with a mobile number and do shopping at NewMall.

2. Development has begun on NewMall 1.2, which includes a WeChat mini-program.


1. Development and testing of NewPay V1.2 red packet (monetary gift) function completed

2. Various bugs in NewPay fixed

3. V1.3 feature planning completed


1. NewForceMonitor security detection system further optimized; early warning function for abnormal amounts in NewForce added.

2. Feasibility of adding anonymous transaction to NewChain verified

 Team News

1. This week, Newton founder Xu Jizhe met with the community nodes Jixia Newton and Dream Community to discuss project progress. Both nodes have opened stores on NewMall. In the Newton community economy, community members act not only as suppliers, but also consumers.

2. Advisor Theodore Gray has been invited to participate in a salon event themed Crypto Prime Time, organized by Huobi Global, held at the Nasdaq building, Times Square, New York on May 12, local time.

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 32 candidate Newton community nodes 32, of which 30 were elected. WANQINEW won 1st place with 558 votes, and the nodes have locked a total of 2.1 billion NEW, with more than 2,340 votes.

2. The results of the 1st global “Newton Cup” creativity contest have been announced! Communities including the UAE, Moldova, and China participated, and 9 participants received prizes. 

In the Media

Walian published an article entitled Newton (NEW): Can the Prospects of Community Economy in DApps be validated? Read the article at


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