Newton Weekly | 2019.05.13-2019.05.19

 Technical Progress


1. Suppliers settlement module optimized.

2. Development started on NewMall V1.2.


1. Product planning for NewPay V1.3 completed.

2. Caching function developed.

3. Bugs fixed in red packet lucky money function.

4. Screen adapter optimized.


1. Off-chain expansion function added for NewChain

2. State channel technology tested on NewChain.


NewHEP V1.0 released. 

 Team News

Newton co-founder Li Shubin held technical and operational meetings with the NewMall team to discuss its subsequent promotion strategy and implementation path. 

 Community News

As of the end of this week, there were 32 candidate community nodes, of which 30 were elected. New-Idea was added as a node. WANQINEW was ranked 1st, at 564 votes. The nodes locked a total of 2.05 billion NEW, with over 2,300 votes.

This week, the number of NewIDs broke 300,000, marking a milestone for the Newton ecosystem. The Newton model and the concept of the community economy are gaining recognition from users. 

 In the Media

Media including, Mars Finance, and Wenkulian reprinted the announcement of the release of HEP 1.0. Its release marks a starting point for the Newton technical ecosystem, and more features will be gradually added.


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