Announcement: Improvement in Human Node Rules

Since the release and implementation of the Newton community node rules, human nodes have consistently contributed to project development. In order to further stimulate their creativity, on the basis of comprehensive community feedback, the rules have been improved as follows, for immediate implementation:

Dear Newton community members:

1. There are no longer alternate community nodes and number limit, only elected official nodes and non-elected candidates. After being elected, the initiator of official node can earn 2x NewForce. Non-elected candidates do not earn NewForce.

2. The threshold for election has changed from 50 votes to 10 votes.

3. Voter qualification has changed from staking at least 50,000 NEW to staking no less than 10,000 NEW.

Newton encourages human nodes to contribute and participate in ecosystem construction. This improvement is the first step to optimize governance, and the rules will be continuously optimized in conjunction with community development.


May 23, 2019