NewPay 1.3 release plan

Dear Newton community members:

NewPay 1.3, supporting entry by DApps, has now entered the intensive design and development phase. Newton, positioned as the infrastructure for the community economy, will continue to create a complete community economy DApp ecosystem, providing users with more services. 

NewPay 1.3 includes the following newly-added features:

• Supports HEP 1.1 for ecosystem DApps

•Third-party DApp support added to NewPay SDK

• Improvement in the cache system

• Syncing function added for contacts/address book

• NewPay client-side “ecosystem” module added

An updated developer website and backstage, Demo DWeb, blockchain browser supporting display of intra-contract transfers, offline QR code payments, and on-chain NewForce retrieval functions will also be released at the same time as the NewPay 1.3 release.

The development schedule is as follows:

June 22, 2019: Development completed; launch on TestNet; DApps will be opened to the Newton ecosystem

June 29, 2019: Launch on MainNet; the first batch of DApps is expected to include two gaming DApps and three E-commerce DApps

The Newton Team

May 28, 2019