Newton Weekly | 2019.05.27-2019.06.02

 Technical Progress


1. Related promotion activities launched; 8 activities completed so far.

2. NewMall V1.2 is under development; the developer version has been released.


1. Product and UI design completed for NewPay V1.3.

2. Interface design completed for HEP-Node.

3. Technical documentation completed for third-party DApp access.

4. DApp demo development completed.

5. Some NewForce display bugs and cache errors fixed.

6. The improved node governance plan is expected to be launched in NewPay V1.4; relevant plans are now being improved.


1. NewTax creation completed.

2. Technical design completed of on-chain DApp orders based on NewPay-1.3

3. NF API technical design completed based on NewPay-1.3

4. NewChain Layer 2 network development is in progress.


Product design completed for Newton developer website.

 Community News

1.By the end of this week, there were 35 Newton community nodes, all of which were elected as human nodes. A total of over 2.45 billion NEW were staked, and over 2,355 votes were cast. WANQINEW ranked 1st at 656 votes.

2. NewForce rules have been improved so that if NewPay users who create their NewID using an invitation code earn NewForce by successfully campaigning to be node or voting,NewID(s) corresponding to the invitation code also automatically will earn NewForce. In the future, inviters will be rewarded for incentives earned by their invitees through any form of contribution, ensuring their diverse and sustainable benefits.

3. The NewPay V1.3 development plan has been released, according to which it will be launched by the end of June. NewPay 1.3 supports HEP 1.1, and the SDK supports thirdparty DApps. An updated developer website and backstage, Demo DWeb, a blockchain browser support display of intra-contract transfers, and offline QR code payments & onchain NewForce retrieval functions will also be released at the same time.

4. The Newton node Newton-King’s offline physical store Hangju Auto Supply Center has joined NewMall. The store was started in 2008, and occupies 1,887 m2. Its 2018 turnover was RMB 189 million. Through NewMall and NewPay, more and more “off-chain ” user groups will join the Newton community economy.

 In the Media

Media including, Dianshi Finance, and Block Finance reported on the “BiUP'event. From May 28 to June 4, Users who top-up NEW on BiUP will get an additional 5% as a gift (limited to 3,000 NEW per user, and a total amount of 1,000,000 NEW.) Users who re-tweet BiUP’s introduction
to the activity also earn corresponding NEW.

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