Newton Weekly | 2019.06.03-2019.06.09

 Technical Progress


1. Supplier billing module upgraded.

2. NewMall mini-program test version completed.

3. 16 promotion activities completed.


1. Development completed on HEP-Node third-party DApp login, payment, and chain upload functions.

2. Development started on NewPay app ecosystem module.

3. Development started on QR scan login function for NewPay app.

4. Bugs fixed including multiple pop-up reminders on single page.

5. Code for app/JS interaction optimized.


1. Preliminary development of NewChain layer 2 completed.

2. NewForce statistical curve graph display error fixed.

3. Interface design of NewForce API started based on the NewPay-1.3  requirements completed.


1. Several style display errors fixed.

2. The Dapp entering section of the Developer Website launched.


1. Date/time display added to transaction list.

2. Transaction module added to blockchain browser and launched on TestNet. 

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, with the addition of NEW-DREAM, there were 36 Newton community node candidates. All 36 were elected. The nodes locked a total of over 2.45 billion NEW, with 2,304 votes cast. WANQINEW ranked 1st with 678 votes.

2. NewMall launched a number of promotions this week. In addition to the NEW incentives for shopping and mining, when buying specified items, users will also receive NEW equivalent to the value of the item. To fully support community members seeking promotions, NewMall will also launch a group purchase model soon.

 In the Media

Media including reported on NEW's launch on the BIHUEX exchange. NEW earned qualification to list on this exchange through a community vote.


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