Newton Weekly | 2019.06.10-2019.06.16

 Technical Progress


1. Financial settlement module upgraded.

2. 18 online promotions completed.

3. Development completed on NewMall 1.2 mini-program and puzzle function.


1. HEP-SDK-2.0 development in progress.

2. NewPay-1.3 ecosystem section in development.

3. NewPay-HEP-Node development and client access completed.

4. Standardized page design of supporting third-party DApps login, payments, and upload to chain through NewID has completed.


1. Information on official home page and Economy page updated and adjusted.

2. Developer website prototype in development and API is in debugging.


1. Withdraw command added to NewChainRaiden and documentation improved.

2. NewForceAPI V1.3 interface design and partial interface development  completed.

3. NEW exchange rate support added to NewForceCalc.

 Team News

Newton founder Xu Jizhe will participate in  offline community meetup  in Kunming, Chengdu, and Shenzhen respectively on June 19, 22, and 24, discussing project progress and future plans face-to-face with community members.

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 38 Newton community nodes, of which 37 were elected. NEWPEST and PeaceofMind newly joined. A total of 2.7 billion NEW were locked, with 2,323 votes. WANQINEW ranked 1st, with 696 votes.

2. NewMall launched promotions for 18 more products this week, which played a positive role in promoting Newton. The number of NewIDs exceeded 490,000– the half million mark will be reached soon. 

 In the Media

The Korean blockchain website cobak includes NEW related information, and provides Korean users with new progress and other content. For details, please see:


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