Announcement: Launch of NewMall 1.2

NewMall 1.2 has now been completed. It will be launched on TestNet at 11 AM, June 24, 2019, Singapore time, and on MainNet on 10 AM, June 25, 2019, Singapore time.

Its features include:

1. A WeChat mini-program purchase port.

1.1.  Through the port, users can search for merchants and purchase goods without downloading NewMall.

1.2. Items can be shared through the app to WeChat for purchase within the mini-program.

1.3. The port supports free, half-price, and group purchases.

2. A group purchase mode: the more you buy and share, the more rewards you get.

2.1. For group and shared purchases, if the group is established, its leader receives NEW equivalent in value to the items; for each additional order, NEW proportional to the purchase amount are added, with no limit. See related event descriptions for details.

2.2.  Items for group purchase can be shared to the mini-program, where they can be purchased by ordinary users.

Shopping has the same NewForce rules as mining. Users earn NewForce as normal through shopping.

Instructions for use:

iOS users: Go to and download NewMall 1.2 TestNet again.

Android users: Directly update NewMall 1.1 TestNet or download NewMall 1.2 TestNet at

WeChat Mini-program: The mini-program is called “NewMall TN”. You can search directly in WeChat, or share items to your friends using the app.