Announcement: NewPay 1.3 Launched on TestNet

Dear Newton community members:

NewPay 1.3 has now been launched on TestNet. The main contents of this update include: 

1. Third-party DApps supporting iOS, Android, Web, and HTML5 added to NewPay SDK. Through NewPay 1.3, they can realize NewID login, order payment, and blockchain rights confirmation. DApp developers can access NewPay 1.3 through the Newton developer website.

2. DApp ecosystem module added

3. Cache system design improved.

NewPay 1.2 TestNet Android can be upgraded at “Me”, “Settings”, “About”, and “Check for Updates”. NewPay-1.3-testnet can be downloaded at the following link:

NewPay 1.3 TestNet iOS is expected to be approved on June 29, 2019, Singapore time. At that time, NewPay 1.2 TestNet iOS users can directly update it using Testflight, or open the following link to download NewPay-1.3-testnet via Testflight:

The relevant technical information is as follows:

Access process:

TestNet developer website:

Programming guide:


Python SDK:

Android SDK:


We welcome your feedback through NewPay.



The Newton team

June 28, 2019