Newton Weekly | 2019.06.24 - 2019.06.30

 Technical Progress


1. NewMall v1.2 and Wechat mini-program and group-purchase activities launched.

2.  Buying hot products to get NEW and the corresponding settlement function completed.

3. 20 online promotions completed.


1. Development of hyper exchange protocol HEP-NODE completed, which supports third-party DApps.

2. The development of NewPay-SDK completed, which supports the access of third-party DApp.

3. NewPay client added an Ecosystem page, completed the development of version 1.3 and launched the test network.

4. The product design and UI design of the simplified NewPay wallet process based on the NewNet technical solution plan completed.


Newton developer website development  and online test network completed.


A display of smart contract transactions details in the blockchain browser added;


1. Some NewForce API bugs fixed.

2. NewChain cross-chain technology launched, and the test network cross-chain scheme has deployed.

 Team News

This week, Newton founder Xu jizhe held a conference to discuss the next stage of market promotion system and innovation, by providing better mechanism to achieve community self- incentive, self-operation, focusing on infrastructure construction.

 Community News

1. By the end of this week, there were 37 Newton community node participants.The number of official human nodes is 35. All node-staked NEW amount is more than $2.5 billion, with more than 2,300 votes cast.The WANQINEW node was the first with 747 votes. The number of votes and the amount of NEW staked continues to increase.

2. Newton community node NEW-BEST launched the community construction project and completed the establishment of 5 WeChat groups.NEW-BEST is also a NewMall merchant operating NEW BEST flagship store, selling household goods, committed to build Easyhome of the blockchain industry.In the community economy, participants are not only consumers, but also commodity and service providers, as well as holders of Newton token which embodies platform value and rights.

3. The number of NewID registrations exceeded 550,000, and the NEW collected by NewTax exceeded 19.5 million, among which NEW has not entered circulation at present.

 In the Media

Tokeninsight issued a rating report on the Newton project, which gave a stable outlook rating, with good technology and stable operation.

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