Announcement: NewPay 1.3 Will Launch on MainNet on July 12

Dear Newton community members:

Since NewPay 1.3 launched on TestNet, DApps have had access to the Newton ecosystem, and many are now in the process of rapidly joining. On July 12, 2019, NewPay 1.3 will launch on MainNet, along with DApps like NewMall. At that time, the NewPay 1.3 ecosystem page will become available for demonstration.

Users of version 1.2 or earlier can upgrade directly by going to “NewPay-Me-Settings-About-Check for Updates.” To install, download at

The main updates in version 1.3 are as follows.

1. New DApp ecosystem module added to NewPay, in which ecosystem DApps will appear.

2. Storage system design improved.

3.  Some bugs fixed.

4. DApp developers can now access NewPay 1.3 through the Newton developer webside. Support for third-party DApps for iOS,Android, web, and HTML5, etc. added to NewPay SDK. Through NewPay 1.3, the DApps can realize login, payment, and blockchain rights affirmation functions through NewID. Users can also participate in mining to earn NewForce rewards.

Newton will continue creating infrastructure, and all sorts of developers are welcome to jointly build the community economy using its platform. Technical materials related to ecosystem DApp access are as follows.

Access process:

TestNet developer website:

Programming guide:


Python SDK:

Android SDK:




July 3, 2019