Newton Weekly | 2019.07.01 - 2019.07.07

 Technical Progress


1. Development of NewPay1.3 PHP SDK version, including authorization, payment signature, payment callback, generation of QR-Code, verification of user's data on the chain and other functions completed.

2. The docking of NewPay1.3 and the access of server side, IOS and Android completed.

3. Development for NewMall 1.2.2 launched, including

-WeChat small program product display function  added

-WeChat small program commodity sharing function optimized

-Posters for sharing optimized


1. HEP-Node now supports multiple orders upload to the chain.

2. Automatic network selection optimized.

3. Address book import and export function added.

4. The login, payment and uplink pages of NewPay client added.

5. Some bugs fixed.


1. Some bugs in NewForceAPI fixed.

2. NewChain adds token support completely in line with NRC20 standard.

3. NewChain supports developing versions of the solidity compiler.


1. The release details of the foundation added to the economy page of the official website.

2. The code of developer website optimized


The browser adds an address ranking list page showing the token holding situations of the first 10,000 addresses. 

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 38 Newton community nodes, which are all human nodes. A total of over 2.55 billion NEW were staked, with over 2,300 votes. WANQINEW ranked 1st, with 766 votes, and the number of its votes increased every week.

2. The number of NewID registrations exceeded 590,000, and the NEW collected by NewTax exceeded 22.8 million.

 In the Media

Standard & Consensus adjusted Newton's assessment :NEW is not yet fully open source, and in its overall ecological layout, NewMall has been launched and users have begun to convert.The combination of e-commerce and blockchain is a new thing. Blockchain technology will gradually enter into various industries, including e-commerce.The essence of NewMall is that users link their personal social relationship data and consumption data to obtain NEW incentives.Every time users shopping, every time new users they invited, they can automatically receive rewards through technical supports.

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