Newton Weekly | 2019.07.08 - 2019.07.14

 Technical Progress


1. NewPay-SDK updated.

2. HEP-Node updates.

3. Some bugs fixed.


1. Developer site code restructuring completed, some bugs fixed, and development completed.

2. Developer website back-end management is under development.


1. Decentralized exchange based on NewChain, enabling trade of NRC20 tokens, analyzed and realized.

2. NewChain has been deployed on TestNet and the accompanying command line mini-program NewChainDex has been implemented.


1. NewPay 1.3 HEP access completed.

2. WeChat mini-program group purchase function optimized; displays of all NewMall items added to mini-program.

 Team News

This week, Newton founder Xu Jizhe, the technical team, and community convened intensive meetings to optimize incentive mechanisms  aimed at increasing value to the wider community. The plan improvement is almost completed. 

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, the Newton community had 40 candidate nodes, all of which were elected as human nodes. A total of over 2.56 billion NEW were locked, and over 2,300 votes were cast. WANQINEW won 1st place, with 773 votes; the number of votes has increased each week.

2. NewID registration has exceeded 630,000, and 26.66 million NEW have been collected by NewTax.

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