Newton (NEW) listed on BINANCE DEX

NEW has been listed on the decentralized exchange BINANCE DEX, the token symbol mapped on the BINANCE Chain by cross-chain technology is NEW-09E, with a total amount of 90 billion. The top-up and withdrawal of NEW-09E and the exchange between BNB/NEW is now available. The asset area on BINANCE DEX now supports NEW-09E displaying.

Newton is an infrastructure for the community economy. NEW is a token based on the NewChain, Newton is committed to apply the blockchain to the retail and other commercial industry. With the launch of NewMall and other Newton DApps, a community economy which "everyone contributes, everyone benefits" is constructed.

The decentralized exchange BINANCE DEX  has natural information transparency, traceability,  tamper-proof and other features, which allows each user to control their own assets. For trading NEW-09E on Binance DEX, please go to:

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