NewPay 1.3 TestNet Update

Dear Newton community members:

NewPay 1.3 TestNet has been updated, adding the “Transfer to BINANCE DEX” quick channel function. Instructions for use are as follows.

Go to Transfer in NewPay, then “Transfer to BINANCE DEX” on the bottom, then enter your Binance testnet BNB address in “Your BINANCE DEX address.” Enter the NEW amount and tap Pay to complete the transaction. Your Binance testnet address will receive its corresponding NEW token, NEW-63C, from TestNet. The minimum transaction size is 100 NEW, and the transaction fee is 1 NEW.

iOS and Android users who have already installed NewPay TestNet can go to “Me,” “Settings,” “About,” and “Check version” to upgrade, or alternately download NewPay 1.3 TestNet from the following links:




The Newton Team

July 7, 2017