Newton Weekly | 2019.07.15 - 2019.07.21

 Technical Progress


1. NEW transfer to Binance DEX function added.

2. FAQ page added.

3. Adaptation processing for DWeb data added.

4. Parts of UI improved.

5. Some issues found in code review fixed.

6. NewPay 1.3 officially launched.

7. Function planning and some design work for next version completed.


1. NewForceAPI interface added.

2. NewForce v1.3 launched on MainNet.

3. NewChain-v1.9.0 launched and single node testing completed on TestNet.

4. Cross-chain solution between sub-chains based on NewChain analyzed, and cross-chain tool NewChainBridge implemented.


1. Some bugs on developer website fixed.

2. Developer website back-end completed and launched.


Some display errors fixed on blockchain mobile browser.


1. NewPay HEP access completed.

2. NewMall v1.3 development completed, optimizing group purchases, adding mini-program display of all products, and optimizing merchant back-end maintenance products, etc.

 Community News

1. NEW has been launched on the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX), making it the first MainNet project to be launched on the platform. The symbol for NEW on NewChain, mapped using cross-chain technology to Binance tokens, is NEW-09E, and the maximum tradable amount is 90 billion. Binance DEX announced the launch on official channels including Twitter and its forum.

2. As of the end of this week, there were 41 Newton community candidate nodes, of which 40 were elected as human nodes. The nodes locked over 2.53 billion NEW, with 2,333 votes cast. Node WANQINEW won 1st place with 787 votes, and the number of votes cast has increased every week.

3. NewID registrations have exceeded 650,000, and over 28.64 million NEW have been collected by NewTax.

 In the Media and Mars Finance published “Decentralization and the Community Economy,” about NEW’s launch on Binance DEX. Read more at:

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