Newton Weekly | 2019.07.22 - 2019.07.28

 Technical Progress


1. The development of multi-node types in community governance completed.

2. The community governance interface redesigned

3. Known errors in HEP-Node and API fixed

4. Display errors of the client end fixed.

5. Product design and interface design of the custodial light wallet completed.

6. The technology of the co-sponsor node completed and the product design is started.


1. The application process of the developer website DApp improved, and the support for updating DApp information added.

2. The developer website background improved the DApp review process.

3. Some bugs in the developer website fixed.


1. NewForce v1.3.1 node type changes and the implementation of interfaces completed and released on the Testnet.

2. Code review of NewChain and multi-signature wallet completed.


1. Some bugs in NewMall 1.2.2 fixed.

2. The development of shipping cost template function completed.

3. Discussion and design of everyone’s dividend model launched.

4. 10 Group purchases activities completed.

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 42 Newton community candidate nodes, of which 41 were elected as human nodes. The nodes locked over 2.64 billion NEW, with 2,291 votes cast. Node WANQINEW won 1st place with 802 votes, and the number of votes cast has increased every week.

2. NewID registrations have exceeded 653,000, and over 28.68 million NEW have been collected by NewTax.

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