Newton Weekly | 2019.07.29 - 2019.08.04

 Technical Progress


1. The design and development of the new community governance interface   completed.

2. The development of supporting different node types completed.

3. Some bugs in the cache system fixed.

4. Some bugs in the NewPay-SDK fixed.

5. The test of NewPay V1.3.1 was completed and launched on the testnet.

6. NewPay user usage statistics functions added.


1. The application process and update process of DApp on the developer website   optimized;

2. Node authority management in the background of the developer website added.


The NewForce API 1.3.1 update was completed based on NewPay1.3.1 and the new NewForce rules.


1. The development of NewMall V1.2.3 completed. The main new function is the freight template, which is expected to be online next week.

2. 10 Group purchases activities completed.

3. Fixed the problem that NEW rewards of previous activities could not be issued in time.

4. Reward display bug on some mobile phone models fixed.

 Community News

1.As of the end of this week, there were 42 Newton community candidate nodes, of which 42 were elected as human nodes. The nodes locked over 2.63 billion NEW, with 2,270 votes cast. Node WANQINEW won 1st place with 806 votes.

2.NewID registrations have exceeded 653,000, and over 28.71 million NEW have been collected by NewTax.

3.Huobi Pool, Newton community node, together with Huobi global,initiated NEW locking mining activities.Huobi users can log on to the official website:, and participate in the mining activity. The minimum locking amount is 1,000NEW, and users will receive daily HPT revenue.The more NEW users lock, the longer the locking period, and the more HPT users will get. HPT holders will have the opportunity to obtain the distribution of other tokens such as EOS.

4.Newton community node NEW BEST has launched the urban node partner program, recruiting 300 city-level node partners and 2,000 county-level node partners across the country.These partners will receive a share of NEW BEST node's profits.NEW BEST node is committed to using Newton blockchain technology to reconstruct the home furnishing industry, and has signed 20 brands and its SKU is over 1000.At present, the node has received 303.2 million NEW as its voting locking quota.

 In the Media

Jinse Finance, Mars Finance, Bishijie, Blockchain Network and other media reported the mining activities of locking NEW on  Huobi Pool.

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