Newton Weekly | 2019.08.05 - 2019.08.11

 Technical Progress


1.Interface design of partner node  completed.

2.Partner node function and interface client are under development.

3.Some bugs fixed.

4.Technical scheme design and product design of UBT completed.


1.The development of DApp statistical function in the background of the developer website completed and is under test.

2.The DApp management page of the developer's website now supports different node types and is under test.


Transaction volume, NewID volume, NewTax volume statistics chart is under development.


The NewForce API structure design and interface design based on the partnership operation node completed.


1.NewMall V1.2.3 launched.

2.The function of labeling orders by merchants in the back office completed.

3.The development of modifying NewMall shopping mining rule for getting NewForce completed.

4.The App push and SMS notification functions of delivery information and after-sales services are under development.

5.The problem of NEW real-time display in the revenue record of free goods is fixed.

6. 10 Group purchases activities completed.

 Community News

1.As of the end of this week, there were 43 Newton community candidate nodes, of which 43 were elected as human nodes. The nodes locked over 3.0 billion NEW, with 2,290 votes cast. Node WANQINEW won 1st place with 798 votes. NEW-BEST node won 105 votes, the fastest growth rate.

2.NewID registrations have exceeded 653,000, and over 28.72 million NEW have been collected by NewTax.

3.Huobi Pool, Newton community node, together with Huobi global,launch NEW lockup mining activities to gather a total of 300 million NEW.The launch of this function brings convenience and benefit to users, who can choose the lock time of NEW from 7 days to 14 days.

4. Newton community node Jixia Newton launched the joining Jixia Newton activity to assist the co-initiation node.

5. Newton community node New Trader launched a week-long BINANCE DEX trading contest. Participants share the daily returns of this node according to the proportion of daily New trading volume in the total trading volume.In addition, at the end of the week, the top 10 trading volume winners will receive an additional reward.

 In the Media

The distributed assessment platform “Find”, published an above-average rating of 7.3 for the Newton project.

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