Newton Weekly | 2019.08.12 - 2019.08.18

 Technical Progress


1. Partner node interface completed.

2. NewPay 1.3.2 partner node client completed, and testing started.

3. Some bugs fixed.

4. Product design completed based on UBT model.


Support for partner node login and DApp management added to developer website.


1. NewID smart contract analysis completed.

2. Statistical charts completed for NewIDs, etc.


Functions and interfaces related to NewForce based on partner nodes completed.


1. App push and SMS notifications for order delivery and after-sales acceptance completed.

2. 10 group purchase activities  launched.

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 44 Newton community node candidates, of which all 44 were selected as human nodes. SlowMist Zone became the first machine node of the Newton community. A total of 3 billion NEW were locked, with 2,314 votes. WANQINEW won first place with 796.

2. NewID registrations reached 654,014, and NewTax collected 28.77 million NEW.

3. The Newton machine node SlowMist Zone was initiated and elected. SlowMist is a technology firm focusing on blockchain ecosystem security which has closely watched the ecosystem’s growth and continued to protect its security. Newton will cooperate with SlowMist in technology and other areas.

4. The node NEW BEST started NB capital, which will recruit seven influential co-founders and 10 senior partners from around the world to assist in Newton ecosystem development.

5. After JiXiaNewton node had launched a campaign for joining JiXiaNewton, the third JiXiaNewton node JiXiaNewton-Three has been established.

6. Node WANQINEW has released the online shopping app WANQIMall. Using a NewID login, users can earn NewForce through shopping. After verification, WANQIMall will be added to the NewPay ecosystem module.

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