Newton Weekly | 2019.08.19 - 2019.08.25

 Technical Progress


1.NewPay-1.3.2 partner node development and testing completed and launched on TestNet

2. Some display bugs on NewPay client fixed.

3. NewPay-1.5 Gravity product and UI design completed.


Development of statistics pages for NewID and NewTax data completed.


Functions related to NF partner initiation nodes completed and launched on TestNet.


Development of Verson 1.3 continued, including WeChat login, personal information modification, mobile number update, determination of unsupported remote orders, and UI improvements.

 Community News

1. As of this week, there were 44 Newton community node candidates, of which all 44 were elected as human nodes. The nodes gathered 3.05 billion NEW, with 2,320 votes. WANQINEW ranked 1st with 808 votes.

2. NewID registrations reached 654,000, and NewTax collected 28.8 million NEW.

3. The Binance Dex Newton Trading Competition, organized by the Newton community node NEW-trader, is still in progress. Users are invited to enter the BEP-2 address to receive NEW-09E. The lucky draw event has lasted 3 days, with over 200,000 clicks and 170,412 Dex addresses participating from varied sources, covering over 90% of the world. The average user duration on the event interface is 5:36. The number of NEW holding addresses on the Binance Dex has increased to 22,790. The maximum price of NEW on the Dex over the course of the event was 0.0347 RMB, reaching 6th place by the daily trading volume. 

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