Launch of NewPay 1.3.2 on MainNet

Dear Newton community members:

NewPay 1.3.2 has now been launched on MainNet. Its main updates are as follows:

1. Partnership promotion nodes have been added to community governance – a node operation model which can be initiated by one person and shared by multiple partners. Income from partnership promotion nodes is automatically distributed in proportion to each partners’ NEW deposit.

2. Some bugs fixed.

Users who have already installed NewPay MainNet can go to “Profile,” “Settings,” “About,” and “Check for Updates” to upgrade. New users can go to to download the app.

The partnership promotion node rules are as follows:

1. Node initiation

When applying as a community node, check the partnership promotion node option, set the management fee from 0%-100% (the fee interval cannot be less than 7). At least 2 million new must be locked.

2. Joining

Select the node in the community node list and enter it. Partners must stake at least 1 million NEW.

3. Earnings for partners

The initiator can set a management fee of 0%-100% of the node’s total income, which is automatically distributed to them. After deducting the fee, the other partners enjoy the node’s earnings in proportion to their NEW ratios.

4. Withdrawal

Partners can withdraw from partnership promotion nodes. Their NEW deposit is returned 14 days later.

5. Node dissolution

If a node doesn’t reach 10 million NEW, the initiator can dissolve it. Their NEW deposit, and those of the partners, are refunded 14 days later.

All other rules are the same as for promotion nodes.




August 28, 2019