Newton Weekly | 2019.08.26 - 2019.09.01

 Technical Progress


NewPay-1.5 Gravity interface and client is now in development.


1. DApp operating account balance notification function is now in development.

2. Download and test token receipt page on TestNet version of developer website was optimised


Development on statistical chart of data for NewID, NewTax, and transaction volume etc. in blockchain browser were completed and are in testing now.


1. Gravity sub-chain’model and overall design of completed.

2. The Gravity API, based on NewPay-1.5, is now in development.


1. Development of Version 1.3.0 completed.

2. Version 2.0.0 is now in development.

 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, there were 48 candidate Newton community nodes, of which 45 were elected as human nodes. The nodes locked a total of over 3 billion NEW, with 2,310 votes cast. WANQINEW ranked first with 825.

2. NewID registrations reached 654,666, and NewTax collected over 28.83 million NEW.

3. On September 1, the Newton community node NEW-trader launched the third Binance Dex trading contest, with three different types of prizes. Link is

4. This week, after NewPay upgraded to Version 1.3.2, the threshold for node participation was greatly reduced. Three partnership promotion nodes, including Jixia Newton 4, are now welcoming community members’participation in the partnerships an vote for them.

 In the Media

The Vietnamese blockchain media BitcoinBD published an article entitled “Newton Project là gì? Đánh giá chi tiết Newton Coin (NEW),” introducing the basics of the Newton Project to the Vietnamese-speaking community. Read it at

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