Release of NewMall 2.0.0

Dear Newton community members:

In order to empower the Newton ecosystem, strengthen NewMall investment and promotion, and promote NewMall as an example of autonomous organization, while ensuring the benefit of participants and contributors, Newton has launched Gravity points on NewMall 2.0.0.

Gravity refers to commercial points that can be used throughout the Newton ecosystem. They are issued on NewChain using blockchain, anchored 1:1 to NEW, and not circulated on the market. Gravity are converted to NEW through mining. 10,000 Gravity are combined with 10,00 NEW in NewMall to enable mining. After being held for 10 days, 10,000 Gravity can be mined into 10,000 NEW.

NewMall merchants use NEW to convert them into Gravity from the Newton Foundation. Each item has a certain mining ratio. In addition to receiving 5 NewForce for each purchase, users also get Gravity. Everything has mines, and shopping is mining. Ordinary accounts have a mining efficiency of 10%. Accounts can use NEW to buy consumer-class mining machines on NewMall to increase their efficiency to 100%, and the corresponding income is distributed proportionally to the contributors.



September 16, 2019