Newton Weekly | 2020.01.06 - 2020.01.12

 Technical Progress

Newton DApp:

Product design completed for Version 0.1.


New website design completed.


NewForce data interface for node partner and voter statistics added to NewForceAPI

❏ Team News

1.  On January 9, Newton founder Xu Jizhe participated in a Binance Vietnamese community AMA event. Through an insightful Q&A session, Vietnamese community members learned about Newton’s technology, applications, and 2020 plans. Those whose questions were selected will receive corresponding NEW tokens as prizes.

2. NewFund head Jiang Tao also participated in a Binance Chinese community AMA event. 11 lucky participants shared 2,000 USDT worth of NEW tokens as prizes.

 Community News

1. The “Xinniu” community node was added, bringing the total number of Newton community node candidates as of the end of the week to 46, of which 44 were elected. The nodes locked a total of 4.65 billion NEW, with 2,120 votes cast.

2. NewID registrations have reached 618,900, and NewTax has collected over 29.28 million NEW.

3. On January 6, Huobi Chat published its 2019 honor list. The official Newton community was named “2019 Community Node Cooperation Partner.” The community has been consistently operated voluntarily by the NewShine team node for over a year. Huobi is an important promotion platform for Newton.

 In the Media

On January 6, Binance announced the 5th community vote competition for listing. NEW will participate in the event. The voting takes place from 12:00 noon, January 15, to 12:00 noon, January 16, 2020 (Hong Kong time).

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