Newton Weekly | 2020.01.13 - 2020.01.19

 Technical Progress

1. NewPay 1.5 Android version  development completed. 

2. Some bugs fixed in NewPay Dapp.

3. NewChainDump realized Receipt notifications implemented based on RPCUrl .

❏ Team News

1. On January 13-14, Newton founder Xu Jizhe and advisors Theodore Gray, Masanari Koike, Mitch Altman participated in Binance English and Spanish and many other communities’ AMAs and discussed Newton's concept and applications directly with Binance users.

2. On January 14, NewFund head Jiang Tao attended LianTuan Finance studio and discussed how Newton blockchain technology will empower real industries with community via living broadcast. He also said that Newton is starting design of blockchain invoices. NewFund will also invest in projects like Travellog.

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 Community News

1. As of the end of this week, the Newton community added the “Bida wealth charity alliance”community node, for a total of 47 candidate nodes, of which 45 were elected. The nodes locked a total of 4.66 billion NEW, with 2,109 votes cast.

2. NewID registrations exceeded 659,000, and NewTax collected 29.29 million NEW.

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