Newton Weekly | 2020.02.24 - 2020.03.01

 Technical Progress


Android version updated to 1.5.1, and several bugs fixed

Newton DApp:

The development of version 0.1 completed.


The development of NewChainAPIExpress completed.

Blockchain invoice:

The deployment of the contract NewChain testnet completed.

Website revision:

Data witness page is in developing.

 Community News

1. By the end of last week, Newton community node ‘Insight wisdom college’ was joined. Now the total number of community nodes is 53, of which elected nodes number is 50 with more than 7.072 billion staking NEW, 2265 votes.

The ‘New Global Community’node initiated by the Newton global community alliance won 18 votes, with more than 12 million staking NEW.All the partner’s  staking benefits of this node will be used to promote Newton and global operation. Welcome to join for Newton’s long term prosperity.

2. By the end of the weekend, NewID number have exceeded 659,600, more than 29.355 million NEW was collected by NewTax.

3. The Newton community published an article on “What is Newton,interpret in terms of landing applications and offering products”.

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