Newton Weekly | 2020.05.04- 2020.05.10

❏ Technical Progress


The on-chain governance tool Newton 1.0 product review completed.

The overall technical scheme design is in progress.

The standardized template of token voting scheme is determined.

NTTF(Newton Tokenizing Task Force) voted and approved the Draft version of the first four token template standards.


The mnemonic function optimization test of wallet module completed.

The test of wallet display contract internal transaction record completed.


The development and testing of UI optimization of the block chain invoice demonstration system completed.

Blockchain invoice technical solution business docking is in progress.


NewChain open technology solution is in progress.

❏ Team News

Blockchain invoice partner is now actively cooperating with government departments in various regions to promote regional blockchain invoice and agent collection business, and promote the implementation of fiscal and tax industrial park projects. Through fiscal and tax services, local governments can attract investment and provide services for industries. At present, some regional cooperative industrial park projects have entered the government approval process.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 51 candidates and 48 elected nodes in Newton community nodes.The number of NEW lock-up at nodes exceeds 7.473 billion.

2. By the end of last week, the number of NewID exceeded 659,800, and the collected NEW tax exceeded 29.372 million.

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