Newton Weekly | 2020.08.03-2020.08.09

❏ Technical Progress


1. The NewChain testnet has successfully implemented a hard fork upgrade at block height 17181218 (2020-08-08 08:06:26 UTC+8), and all nodes are operating normally. This upgrade is one of the preparations for Newton 2.0, the specific content includes:

1.1. Optimize the opcodes of the virtual machine, reduce the amount of contract calculations, and reduce Gas consumption of the virtual machine, increase the computing speed of the virtual machine, thereby increasing the number of transactions in a unit block.
1.2. Add some precompiled functions to enhance the relationship between NEW and other cryptocurrencies interoperability.
1.3. Optimized the API interface and added GraphQL support to improve the speed of Newton ecosystem app accessing NewChain.
1.4. Optimize chain data storage, saving node storage up to 47%.

The above new features will be tested for about one month, and users are welcome to use the testNet for testing. 

2. The research and development of NewChain's blockchain open technology program is in progress.


NewSwap, a decentralized token exchange protocol based on NewChain, has been deployed on the NewChain DevNet for testing and functional optimization. NewSwap aims to promote automatic exchange transactions between NEW and NRC6 digital assets.

Newton App:

Newton 2.0 consensus mechanism is being optimized.

Newton 2.0 App development adds new biometric features and centralized wallet support.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 54 Newton community candidate nodes, and the number of elected nodes was 50. The amount of NEW locked in nodes exceeded 8.671 billion.

2. By the end of last week,NEW had more than 728,240 addresses and NewTax had collected more than 29.435 million NEW.

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