Newton's cross-chain mechanism NewBridge is online

By adopting technologies such as smart contracts and digital multi-signatures, NewBridge has achieved cross-chain and asset interoperability between NewChain and other mainstream public chains. NEW can be transferred to public chains such as Ethereum and Binance Chain for trading, and BTC, ETH, etc. can also be transferred to NewChain for trading.


NewBridge is the technical foundation of Newton's DeFi strategy. Currently, NewChain's transaction fees are extremely low, with extremely high TPS and short block interval time, making it an excellent place for DeFi transactions. Through NewBridge technology, NewChain and Binance Chain achieved cross-chain in July 2019. NEW can be transferred to Binance DEX with one click in NewPay, and NEW can also be transferred back to NewChain mainnet through Binance DEX.

After NewBridge goes online, NEW and other mainstream public chain native tokens can be circulated in both directions, marking that Newton's DeFi strategy is fully technically prepared.