Newton Weekly | 2020.08.10-2020.08.16

❏ Technical Progress


Development completed and launched.


Business development of NewChain-powered Blockchain Invoice Technical Solution is ongoing.

Technical Development for NewChain opening is ongoing.

Newton App

Newton 2.0 consensus mechanism is being optimized.

❏ Team News

On August 13, Newton founder Xu Jizhe interacted with Newton community friends in the Chinese community and exchanged views on the progress of 2.0 that the community friends care about, emphasizing that Newton 2.0 is not just the Newton App itself. The technical release of Newton 2.0 includes a series of work, including mainnet upgrading virtual machine, Newton cross-chain mechanism NewBridge launching, Newton App release, etc.

Newton 2.0 will expand the size of the Newton community through a more effective consensus mechanism, accelerate the ecosystem projects implementation, and better support DAO and DeFi. The development done in the past few months has been closely centered on DAO and DeFi, and has been fully prepared.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 54 Newton community candidate nodes, and the number of elected nodes was 50. The amount of NEW locked in nodes exceeded 8.683 billion.

2. By the end of last week,NEW had more than 728,621 addresses and NewTax had collected more than 29.43 million NEW.

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