Announcement on the completion of Newton's NewChain mainnet hard fork upgrade

Newton's NewChain mainnet has completed the hard fork upgrade codenamed: Boom at the blockchain height 1850,000 (2020-09-20 20:59:42 Singapore time), and all functions are operating normally.

The new features of NewChain after this upgrade are as follows:

1. GasPrice has been changed to 0.0005NEW, the corresponding single ordinary transaction fee has been changed to 10.5 NEW, and the contract call fee has been adjusted accordingly.

2. NewVM has been upgraded to support application layer protocols such as NewSwap, cross-chain, oracle.

3. Optimize the NewVM bytecode, reduce the amount of contract calculations, reduce the consumption of virtual machine Gas, improve the calculation speed of the virtual machine, and then increase the number of transactions in a unit block.

4. Add some precompiled functions to enhance the interoperability between NEW and other cryptocurrencies.

5. Optimized the API interface and added GraphQL support to improve the speed of Newton ecological APP accessing NewChain.

6. Optimized chain data storage, saving node storage up to 47%.


September 20, 2020