Announcement on the Newton public chain NewChain testnet opening

The NewChain testnet, which undertakes important functions of Newton's infrastructure development, upgrade, and functional verification, has been opened.

The NewChain mainnet is expected to be fully opened in October 2020, and the machine nodes will be synchronized to start mining in accordance with the PoAA (Proof of Authority & Action) consensus mechanism. Community members running NewChain testnet machine nodes will have the priority to become the first batch of NewChain mainnet machine node operators, and mining can be started at the beginning of the mainnet opening.

The NewChain test network is one of the cornerstones of Newton's ecological development and a test field for all ecological applications. Due to the large amount of data on the testnet, its operating cost may be higher than that of the main network. With the prosperity of Newton's ecology, the value of NewChain testnet NEW will gradually be reflected, and all testnet NEW will be provided by the testnet machine node operators in the community.

Members of the Newton community are welcome to participate in the construction of Newton's NewChain test network, jointly guard the stable operation of the infrastructure, lay a solid foundation for the great prosperity of Newton's ecology, and share the early dividends of the ecology.

NewChain testnet deployment script guide:


September 19, 2020