Announcement | Newton Decentralized Token Exchange Protocol NewSwap Launches Testnet

Newton's NewChain decentralized token exchange protocol NewSwap has been launched on the testnet. It can be used on the PC end with the browser plug-in NewMask wallet, and the mobile terminal end can be used in NewPay 1.6 testnet.

NewSwap realizes the exchange between NEW and the NRC6 token issued based on NewChain and the exchange between any two NRC6 tokens.

As a decentralized application layer protocol running on Newton NewChain, NewSwap has the following characteristics:

1. Complete control of digital assets by controlling private keys.

2. Global liquidity and extremely low cost.

3. The system automatically sets prices and the exchange process is fast and convenient.

4. For automated market making, transaction fees belong to the liquidity provider.

5. Through Newton's cross-chain mechanism NewBridge, mainstream public chain digital assets have been successively supported.

6. Community governance.

In conjunction with the NewAsset Generator digital asset issuance tool, digital assets can be issued and traded with one-click operation on NewChain. Newton's infrastructure greatly reduces the threshold for asset issurance and transaction, laying a solid foundation for Newton's ecological prosperity.

NewSwap testnet website:

NewSwap Testnet App on PC:

Newton browser plug-in NewMask (Firefox version) download link:

Download link of NewPay testnet App (version 1.6) on mobile phone:

NewSwap testnet statistical analysis website:


Newton (NEW) is a built-in value measurement, storage and incentive tool of tool attributes in Newton ecology. Through technical infrastructure such as NewChain, establish a new organizational governance paradigm to serve various industries and use cases. Please be aware that its price is determined by the market, and the risk of sharp price fluctuations is not ruled out. The content of the article does not constitute investment advice. Please make your own prudential decisions and bear the corresponding risks independently.