Announcement | Newton Decentralized Exchange Protocol NewSwap Launches Mainnet

Newton's NewChain decentralized exchange protocol NewSwap has been launched on the mainnet, and the mobile phone end and PC end have been simultaneously launched.

NewSwap realizes the exchange between NEW and the NRC6 token issued based on NewChain and the exchange between any two NRC6 tokens. Through Newton's cross-chain mechanism NewBridge, other public chain digital assets can be cross-chained to Newton's NewChain and traded on NewSwap, maximizing the use of NewChain's second-level settlement and extremely low cost advantages.

As a decentralized application layer protocol running on Newton NewChain, NewSwap provides a safer, faster, lower cost, and lower threshold trading experience with the following characteristics:

1. Complete control of digital assets by controlling private keys.

2. Global liquidity and extremely low cost.

3. The system automatically sets prices and the exchange process is fast and convenient.

4. Automated market making, transaction fees belong to the liquidity provider.

5. Through NewBridge, Newton's cross-chain mechanism, we have successively supported mainstream public chain digital assets.

6. Community governance.

NewSwap launched this time is version 1.0, which enables the free exchange of tokens. NewSwap will also issue governance token NSP (NewSwap Power) and equity token NST (NewSwap Token) with a built-in deflation mechanism. NSP represents platform ownership, and the holder has the right to decide on the development of NewSwap. NST stands for platform income rights. At that time, liquidity providers will receive transaction fees and equity token NST.

NewSwap official website:

Download link of NewPay mainnet App:

NewSwap Mainnet App:

Newton browser plug-in NewMask (Firefox version) installation link:

NewSwap mainnet statistical analysis website:

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September 28, 2020