Newton Weekly | 2020.09.28-2020.10.04

❏ Technical Progress


NewPay 1.6 Android and iOS launched on the mainnet, supporting NRC6 token management and NewSwap transactions and other related functions.


1. NewSwap-Interface  development completed and launched on the mainnet.

2. NewSwap-Info development completed and launched on the mainnet.


1. The browser's token section function is optimized and launched on mainnet, comprehensively supporting the display of NRC6 tokens and contract analysis.

2. Several data errors and display errors fixed.


1. Cross-chain mechanism NewBridge optimized.

2. Completed 5 machine nodes to join the test network this week, and there are 20 accounting nodes in the NewChain test network.

❏ Ecosystem Progress

Newton is the infrastructure for community economy and organizational governance. It has a full-stack technical architecture. It eliminates intermediate links through decentralized blockchain technology and realizes a new economic model of "everyone contributes and everyone benefits".

Based on Newton's infrastructure, entrepreneurs can use Newton's decentralized blockchain technology to achieve a closed loop of the entire process from issuing digital assets on NewChain to trading on NewSwap. Through the Newton cross-chain mechanism, the digital assets of Newton ecology and the digital assets of other mainstream public chains can be circulated conveniently, at low cost, and quickly,  linnking value islands and expanding the boundaries of application scenarios.

As of last weekend, through the NewAsset Generator digital asset issuance tool, more than 90 digital assets have appeared on Newton NewChain, covering financial and tax services, catering, wine, agriculture, services, communities and other fields.

Newton welcomes entrepreneurs in various fields to issue various digital assets on NewChain in combination with their actual businesses, to mover their respective businesses and communities to Newton NewChain, use Newton blockchain technology for project governance, and obtain new technologies and the dividends brought by the new paradigm. At the same time, the projects are encouraged to be promoted in their respective communities, so that more users can obtain the safe and convenient experience of blockchain technology.

With the open infrastructure of Newton itself, anyone can use Newton's infrastructure to start a business. Please judge by yourself and take risks accordingly.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 55 Newton community candidate nodes, and the number of elected nodes was 52. The amount of NEW locked in nodes exceeded 8.268 billion.

2. By the end of last week,NEW had more than 731,465 addresses, the number of NewID had exceeded 660 thousdand and NewTax had collected more than 29.45 million NEW.

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