Cross-chain between Newton NewChain and Ethereum Rinkeby successfully launched on testnet

Through NewBridge, Newton’s cross-chain mechanism, cross chain of Newton’s NewChain testnet and the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet have been successfully launched. The first batches have realized the mutual transfer between NEW, NETH, and NUSDT on the NewChain testnet and corresponding Ethereum Rinkeby testnet NEW (ERC20), ETH and USDT(ERC20) .

The mobile wallet NewPay testnet has integrated the NewBridge, and the NewPay testnet can be used to realize the mutual transfer of the above-mentioned coins or tokens between the two networks.

Rinkeby uses the PoA consensus mechanism, which is one of the three major testnets of Ethereum and the most commonly used Ethereum testnet by developers.


Nov.20, 2020