Announcement on Newton NewChain Mainnet accounting nodes opening

According to community feedback on NewChain mainnet accounting node opening proposal NEP 27,Newton's NewChain mainnet accounting nodes have been open. Machina nodes can access the NewChain mainnet according to PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus and obtain transaction fees at phase 0.

Currently, the NewChain mainnet generates blocks according to the PoA consensus mechanism. According to the characteristics of the PoA consensus mechanism, in order to ensure the stable operation of the NewChain mainnet, the prerequisite for becoming a NewChain mainnet accounting node is to run a NewChain testnet accounting node and run a human node with a lock up of 10 million NEW in NewPay.

The NewChain mainnet is the foundation of Newton, and Newton ecosystem applications are developed based on NewChain. NewChain has the advantages of fast speed, low cost, and low threshold of use. NewChain will be more decentralized after the opening of the accounting node. The community is welcome to work together to build NewChain into a more reliable underlying infrastructure that supports practical commercial applications.

NewChain Mainnet deploy guide:

NEP 27: NewChain MainNet Opening:


Dec. 10, 2020