Announcement on Adjusting the Threshold of Human Nodes in the Newton Community

Newton is a decentralized community economy and organizational governance infrastructure. It first proposed the concepts of community machine nodes and human nodes. At present, Newton has 58 human community nodes and 2,471 votes.

According to the community’s feedback on Newton’s improvement proposal No. 29 "NEP 29: Newton Human Community Node Migration", the human node rules have been adjusted as follows:

1. Minimum number of votes for election has been adjusted from 10 to 0.

2. The threshold for human promotion nodes is adjusted from 10 million NEW to 1 million NEW, and the threshold for commercial nodes and technology nodes is adjusted from 2 million NEW to 1 million NEW.

3. The threshold for joining in the promotion partnership node has been adjusted from 2 million NEW to 200,000 NEW, and the threshold for participating in a partnership has been adjusted from 1 million NEW to 100,000 NEW.

NEP 29: NewPay Community Node Migration: