NewSwap NUSDT-NEW liquidity mining launched on testnet

NUSDT-NEW liquidity mining has launched on the NewSwap testnet. In the NewPay testnet or on the NewSwap testnet page, pledge NUSDT-NEW liquidity token (LP token) into the mining pool to get the testnet NEW reward. The total amount of NEW in the testnet allocated to NUSD-NEW liquidity mining is 30 million, and the mining time is 3 months, 12NEW/block.

Operation method:

1. Use the web end NewSwap testnet :

1.1 Open the NewSwap testnet,   connect to NewMask, and add NUSDT-NEW liquidity.

1.2 Open the NewSwap testnet , click Connect Wallet, connect to NewMask Wallet, click "Add", enter the number of NUSDT-NEW LP tokens, and click OK.

2. Use the testnet NewPay:

2.1 Open NewSwap on the NewPay transaction page of the testnet, and add NUSDT-NEW liquidity.

2.2 Click NewSwap liquidity mining on the NewPay transaction page of the testnet, authorize “NUSDT-NEW LP", click confirm, add, enter the number of LP tokens, and click confirm to complete the operation.

This testnet launch is to make relevant preparations for the implementation of the NUSDT-NEW liquidity mining mainnet in NEP-40(click link).

Testnet NewSwap website:

Testnet NewPay download address:


January 26, 2021