Announcement on NewChain TestNet resetting

The current NewChain testnet has been in operation since December 20, 2018. 25 testnet machine nodes including nodes from the community support the testing of NewChain's new functions and various applications of the Newton ecosystem. As of the end of February, 2021, the relevant data of the NewChain testnet are as follows:

Total number of blocks: 22,830,500

Total number of addresses: 7,685

Total number of transactions: 238,937,124

Total number of machine nodes: 25

Node data size: 121G

The number of transactions on the NewChain testnet is twice that of the Ethereum Ropsten testnet and three times that of the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet.

At present, NewChain testnet  nodes occupy too much storage and data processing is too slow, which also results in high operating costs for testnet machine nodes. After discussing the accounting node of the testnet, the operator of the accounting node of the testnet will reset the NewChain testnet, and the existing testnet data, NewPay wallet data, transaction records, etc. will be cleared, and then the testnet will be redeployed.

What do the current testnet machine nodes need to do:

1. After 10:00 on March 12, 2021, UTC+8, run the command to clear the node data, and then run the command to deploy the new machine node and become the ledger node.

2. After becoming the ledger node of the new testnet, its mining address will receive an airdrop of 100 million testnet NEW.

3. After the deployment of the new testnet, the operator of the testnet accounting node needs to create a community node in the testnet NewPay and lock up at least 10 million testnet NEW.

4. The testnet machine node operator needs to review the application for joining the testnet ledger node from time to time.

5. The testnet NEW required by the community will be provided by the community machine nodes.

What ordinary users need to do:

1. Delete the existing testnet NewPay or NewMask wallet.

2. Import mnemonics or create a new wallet after 10:00 on March 13, 2021, UTC+8.

3. Obtain the TestNet NEW from the NewChain Testnet machine nodes.

For more information, please see "Reset NewChain Testnet #4":

Testnet ledger nodes:


March 11, 2021