The debut of Newton Project in 2018 Block link Innovation Summit

newtonproject on 2018.04.01

On March 25, 2018, the advisor of Newton Project and the famous Bitcoin ambassador Lee Willson was invited as a special guest to participate in the "2018 Block Link Innovation Summit" at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Newton project has made its debut at this conference.

The advisor of Newton project, Lee Willson

The scene of Block link innovation summit in 2018

This summit has gathered many professionals, representatives and media journalists in blockchain technology area, blockchain application field. There are nearly 1,000 people have participated in this conference.

The guests shared their opinions on the developing trend and current situation of blockchain technology, as well as the innovation strategies and the transformation plan under the Internet of things environment, the design principle of blockchain application system and many other blockchain related subjects.

 The Roundtable Forum of "the Blockchain Technology Developing Direction", the advisor of Newton, Lee Willson(the 3rd one from the left)

The advisor of the Newton project, Lee Willson, has engaged the roundtable forum of “Blockchain Technology Developing Direction” hosted by Yuming Yuan, who is the dean of Chinese blockchain researching institute of Lee has fully exchanged his opinions with the other experts on the future direction of the blockchain. The issues on how to use blockchain technology to change the traditional industries and thinking, and how to ensure the real implementation of blockchain technology were the focus of the professionals and guests in the Summit.

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